Business Sustainability

"The bees rely heavily on the environment to forage for their food to survive. It only seems right that we do everything we can to preserve their environment"

Lee Tahere - owner


Our Honey Processing plant is fully solar powered, so our bees make honey sustainably and we extract our honey sustainably too


Through our Mānuka planting programs we encourage regeneration of our natural environment whilst minimizing soil erosion and attracting more birdlife and creating more habitat and ecosystems to flourish

Electric Vehicles

Where possible we use electric and energy efficient vehicles including our solar powered forklift


Our dedication to recycling is unwavering, as we diligently recycle a significant portion of our waste. Moreover, we continually explore innovative ways to reuse materials, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. By constantly striving to minimize our carbon footprint


Honey bees play a vital role in pollination, serving as nature's indispensable pollinators for numerous plant species, including fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Their incredible ability to transfer pollen from one flower to another facilitates the fertilization process, enabling plants to produce fruits and seeds. This intricate dance of pollination ensures biodiversity, enhances agricultural yields, and sustains ecosystems, making honey bees crucial to our food supply, economy, and environmental health

Pest Control

Our pest control program at Ruatiti is second to none. bait stations and traps are constantly monitored trapping rats, stoats, ferrets and possums. bird life is now abundant and many kiwi can be heard in the night

We understand the importance of environmental responsibility. That's why we operate our farm in a sustainable way and proudly maintain a carbon-negative footprint. By prioritizing eco-conscious practices, we aim to make a positive impact on the planet through actions and education, preserving its beauty and ensuring a better future for all.

We are proud to be winners in the 2023 "Excellence in Sustainability" Awards.

Step into a world of sweetness where sustainability and care for nature reign supreme. At Kinloch Honey, every drop of our honey tells a story of respect for the environment and forward-thinking innovation.

As guardians of nature, we ensure that every footprint we leave on our native land is one of kindness and mindful conservation. We're not just beekeepers; we're stewards of the environment, creating harmonious balance with nature. We recognize the integral role of future generations in this beautiful planet, and our commitment is to make it a better place for them.

Our honey processing plant is a living testament to our pledge of sustainability. Here, solar panels gleam under the sun, generating energy in abundance, much more than what's needed to extract our honey. By doing this, we are slashing our carbon footprint, while operating our business in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Our commitment to renewable energy sources is a clear statement of our intention to safeguard our environment and advocate sustainable practices in the beekeeping industry.

But it's not just about us or the honey - it's about the bees. Our beekeeping techniques are crafted with sustainability and care at their core. For us, the health and well-being of our bees isn't an option; it's a priority. We carefully select the perfect locations for our hives, places where our bees can indulge in the feast of diverse nectar and pollen sources.

Our honey mirrors our devotion to sustainability and ethical practices. Each stage in the journey of our honey, from the whispering fields to the shining jars on your table, is managed with meticulous care. We're proud to bring to your table honey that has been tenderly and responsibly sourced. And we're not stopping there – we're always in pursuit of innovative ways to elevate our sustainability efforts even more.

At Kinloch Honey, we believe in the sweetness of a sustainable world. Taste the difference, enjoy the harmony.

Cradled amidst the scenic beauty of the Ruatiti Valley, encircled by the commanding snow-clad summits of Ruapehu, Tongariro, and Ngauruhoe, a hidden gem awaits - the Ruatiti Wilderness. This untouched sanctuary of wild beauty is the cherished summer residence of our bees. Here, they embark on a sweet quest to collect some of New Zealand's most distinguished and coveted honey from the profuse Mānuka bushes thriving in their natural habitat.

The Ruatiti Wilderness, with its rich tapestry of flora and fauna, provides the ideal backdrop for the Mānuka bushes to prosper. It offers an idyllic haven for our bees to harvest the exquisite nectar, infusing every drop of honey with the wilderness's intrinsic essence.

The Mānuka honey, borne out of this unique landscape, is celebrated for its distinctive properties. Its unique characteristics have earned it a place of honor in the global honey market. It fills us with immense pride to present our customers with this extraordinary honey - a product of mindful and sustainable gathering from the untouched corners of this exquisite wilderness.

At Kinloch Honey, every spoonful of our Mānuka honey is a testament to the pristine beauty of Ruatiti Wilderness and our commitment to preserving its integrity. Experience the pure and enchanting taste of nature with us.