APA (Animal Products Act 1999) Registered

What is the APA Registration?

APA stands for the Animal Products Act, established in 1999. Under the APA, certain bodies or individuals are recognized to perform specialist food safety functions and activities. This recognition is a testament to their commitment to ensuring the safety, quality, and credibility of food products.

APA (Animal Products Act 1999) Registered Kinloch Honey

Key Functions of Recognised Agencies/Persons Under APA:

  1. Evaluating and/or Verifying RMPs: Recognised agencies or persons are responsible for evaluating and verifying food businesses that operate under a Risk Management Programme (RMP).
  2. Verifying RCS: They also verify food businesses that operate under a Regulated Control Scheme (RCS).
  3. Ensuring Export and Market Access: These agencies or persons verify that food businesses align with export requirements or Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs).
  4. Laboratory Testing & Analysis: Recognised agencies or persons play a crucial role in conducting laboratory tests and analyzing animal materials or products.
  5. Sampling for Monitoring: They are entrusted with the responsibility of sampling for monitoring and surveillance purposes.
  6. Additional APA Functions: Beyond the above, these agencies or persons undertake any other functions or activities as mandated under the APA.

Why is APA Registration Important?

Credibility: APA registration is a stamp of approval. It signifies that the honey producer meets stringent safety and quality standards.

Safety: Recognised agencies ensure that food products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to safeguard consumers' health.

Market Access: APA registration ensures that products adhere to export and market access requirements, making them globally competitive.

Consistency & Quality: Regular verification under RMPs and RCS ensures that the honey you get is consistently of high quality.


Why Choose Kinloch Honey?

APA-Registered: Kinloch Honey's APA registration is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and safety.

Consumer Trust: Knowing that our honey undergoes stringent tests and verifications ensures you're getting a product you can trust.

World-Class Standards: With the APA registration, Kinloch Honey adheres to world-class safety and quality standards.

A Global Brand: Kinloch Honey's alignment with export and market access requirements ensures that our honey is loved not just locally, but globally.



Kinloch Honey's APA registration is not just a mark of quality but a guarantee that you are choosing a product that stands tall on global standards. With recognized agencies overseeing the safety and quality of our honey, you can enjoy the sweet goodness with utmost confidence.

Choose Kinloch Honey, because you deserve the best!